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  • Worship Message - Prayer

    Prayer This is the second of a two-part series of messages. Last Sunday was the first part. It was on the topic of praise.

  • Worship Message - For Whom We Should Pray

    For Whom Should We Pray?  This month of May began, on the 2nd, with the National Day of Prayer. On that day, the theme was Pray for America. With the key verse being Matthew 12:21, the call was to pray that we will, as a nation, put our hope in God.

  • Worship Message - For What Should We Pray?

    Throughout May, our Sunday morning messages are about prayer.  Various aspects of prayer.  We have considered the aspect of how often we should pray and how we should pray.  We will consider for whom we should pray will be the aspect.  Today, we will consider for what we should pray. I might mention that I looked up today’s aspect on the internet and was amazed by how many sites there are on the topic of what we should pray for. For instance, on just one of the sites the list...

  • Worship Message - How Should We Pray?

    May 2 was this year’s National Day of Prayer for our country. With the theme of Pray for America, and with the key verse being Matthew 12:21, the challenge was to pray that we would as a nation put our hope in God. But here at Fellowship Church, the one day is being expanded into a month as, each Sunday of May, we are talking about prayer.

  • Worship Message - How Often Should We Pray

    May 2 was the 2013 National Day of Prayer. It was the 62nd annual observance of the Day. A day of course set aside for prayer.