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  • Worship Message "Cry...Be Delivered...Give Thanks", Thanksgiving Message #2 - 2015

    Praise the LORD. O give thanks to the LORD. That is the theme of the messages during these Sunday mornings leading up to this year’s Thanksgiving Day celebration.

  • Worship Message "Give Thanks", Thanksgiving Message #1-2015

    In just a few weeks, we will celebrate Thanksgiving Day. Thinking of that, along with the call for Christians to be thankful all the time, today’s message and the next four - all the Sunday’s leading up to Thanksgiving Day - will be devoted to some of what the Bible teaches about being thankful. This is important because Thanksgiving Day should be about more than turkey dinners.

  • Worship Message - Sing and Make a Joyful Noise

    Sing And Make a Joyful Noise In a week-and-a-half, Thanksgiving Day. To help us prepare for that day and to remind us to give thanks to God every day, today and next Sunday the messages will center on what the Bible says about giving thanks. Both weeks, passages from both the Old Testament and the New Testament will be highlighted.