Fellowship Community Church Foundation

Fellowship Community Church Foundation

Fellowship Community Church Foundation

Mission Statement

The Mission of Fellowship Community Church (FCC) and its Foundation is to further the Kingdom of God by displaying God’s love to all people, appealing to them to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and supporting and encouraging Christians to grow in Christ.

What is the FCC Foundation?

FCC has created the Fellowship Community Church Foundation to provide opportunities for church members and friends of FCC to make gifts and investments in the work and future of FCC.  Gifts given to the FCC Foundation will be invested and used to fulfill the needs and Mission of FCC.

FCC has partnered with the Lincoln Community Foundation for purposes of maintaining the FCC Foundation.  FCC retains all control and decision making authority over the FCC Foundation.  The Lincoln Community Foundation  merely provides support by managing our investment portfolio and making state and federal regulatory filings on behalf of the FCC Foundation.  All decisions regarding investment, remittance and disbursements of FCC Foundation funds will remain in the complete control of the church.  

How does the FCC Foundation work?

Any gifts received by the FCC Foundation will be placed in the FCC Foundation account.  FCC Foundation money is invested to work and continue to grow the principle in the Foundation.  Donors may request their gift be used for specific purpose, i.e., youth work or international missions, or the gift may be given for the general benefit of FCC.  Individuals and groups can apply for money from the FCC Foundation for specific purposes.  An Advisory Committee for the FCC Foundation reviews applications received, oversees the investments of the FCC Foundation, and maintains the accounts within the FCC Foundation.  The Committee makes recommendations and reports to the Board of Directors regarding applications, money management, and financial status of the Foundation.  

What kind of gifts will be accepted?

Many different kinds of gifts and giving will be accepted by the FCC Foundation

One-time cash gifts by individuals or businesses.
Funding for a scholarship or endowment administered by the FCC Foundation.

Gifts of Property or Securities.

Gifts of Life Insurance by making the FCC Foundation the beneficiary on the policy.

Making the FCC Foundation the beneficiary of Gifts or property via wills and other testamentary documents including retirement plans.

Other gift arrangements.


Section 1 – Applicant Information

Last Name:______________________ First Name:________________Middle Initial:______
City:___________________________________State:__________Zip Code:______________
Primary Phone Number: _______________________________
E-Mail: ____________________________________________

Section 2 – Financial Assistance Sought (Check one):

Educational Scholarship ______
Workshop/Seminar ______
Youth Work/Activity ______
Outreach/Ministry ______
Church Project/Need ______
Other (Please specify) _______ ______________________________________
Section 3 – Amount of Assistance Sought

Applicant is seeking $_____________

Section 4 – Educational Scholarship (If not seeking educational scholarship assistance please skip to next section)
University/College attending:______________________________________________________
Address of Institution:____________________________________________________________
Are you currently enrolled? ________________
Area of Study:__________________________________________________________________
Degree seeking:_________________________________________________________________
Expected graduation date:_________________________________________________________
Post-Secondary GPA (A=4.0):_____________________
High School Attended:___________________________________________________________
Graduation Date:_________________
High School GPA (A=4.0):__________

*Please attach a grade report from the most recent term of study to this application.

Section 5 – Workshop/Seminar (If not seeking assistance to attend a workshop/seminar please skip to next section)

Name of workshop/seminar attending:______________________________________________
Dates of workshop seminar:______________________________________________________________________
Location of workshop/seminar:____________________________________________________
Sponsor of workshop/seminar:_____________________________________________________
Have you attended a workshop/seminar by this sponsor before?______ If yes, when?_________

*Please attach a copy of the agenda/brochure/informational pamphlet for the workshop/seminar to this application.

Section 6 – Youth/Outreach/Ministry/Church Project/Need

Please describe the Youth, Outreach, Church Project, or Need, for which you are seeking financial assistance from the FCC Foundation:

Please describe your connection with the Fellowship Community Church (i.e. Youth Leader, Ministry member/chair, Maintenance committee, etc.)

Please explain the benefits/value of the project to Fellowship Community Church.
____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Have you discussed your application with the relevant church ministry? (i.e. Education Ministry, Outreach Ministry, Maintenance Ministry) __________
If yes, when?___________________________________________________________________
In no, why not?_________________________________________________________________

*If applicable, please attach a letter from Ministry Chair regarding this application for assistance to this application.

Section 7 – General Information (Individual Applicants only)

Why should the FCC Foundation support your financial assistance request?

Are you a regular attendee of Fellowship Community Church? ___________________________

If no, please describe your connection to Fellowship Community Church?

If yes, please describe your involvement in Fellowship Community Church.

Please describe the influence Fellowship Community Church has had upon you. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Please describe your leadership capabilities and give examples of your leadership roles.

*Please attach a letter of recommendation from a current member of Fellowship Community Church that is not a family member.

**NOTE**: If extra space is needed for answers, please attach additional paper.

Applicant Signature_______________________________________Date:_______________

Print name ___________________________________________________