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  • 2015 Advent Worship Message #7 - "Epiphany"

    Epiphany, 2015 Advent Message #7 Today is Epiphany Sunday - the Sunday each year we celebrate the visit of the Wise Men to Jesus, who by the time of the visit was no longer a baby, but a child of about 2 years of age. By the way, I looked up the word “epiphany” to make sure I knew the meaning of the word. Epiphany has two meanings relevant to today.

  • 2015 Advent Worship Message #6 - "All Things New"

    All Things New - 2015 Advent Message #6 Throughout the Advent season, we have thought about many of the people - and some angels - involved with the birth of Jesus.  We have thought about Mary and Joseph, the angel Gabriel who gave Mary the message of her role in the coming of Jesus, and the angel who talked Joseph into staying with Mary, despite the fact Mary’s baby was not his. We have thought about the shepherds, the angel who told them the Savior had been born, and the multitude of the ...

  • 2015 Advent Worship Message #5 - Christmas Eve - "Behold"

    Behold - 2015 Advent Message #5 - Christmas Eve This being Christmas Eve, I wonder if all the gifts are purchased. I guess they better be since we are just a few hours from the start of the holiday, and maybe your tradition has led to some gifts already being opened. I wonder how the gifts given this year will be received.