Pastor George Cook

George Cook has been a full-time pastor with Fellowship Community Church since 1993. Before that, he was a bi-vocational minister, his other work being a junior high school social  studies teacher.

 Born in Omaha, Nebraska, George, by the end of his  high school years, became interested in spiritual things.  In 1969, he accepted Jesus as his Savior.

 In 1971, George met Lynna Gene. They married  December 27 of that year.

 In 1974, Fellowship Community Church formed.  George began preaching and doing other ministry  activities. In 1982, he was licensed. He was ordained in  1984. Through the years, religion-based classes have  been taken through Anderson University in Anderson,  Indiana, and at Grace University in Omaha.

In addition to local ministry, George has had opportunities for other experiences. They have included weddings in Florida, Wisconsin, and in a meadow in central Nebraska. He has participated in missions trips to Costa Rica. He and Lynna Gene have had travel experiences, including to the Holy Land and following the steps of the apostle Paul in Greece, Turkey, and Rome.

George has been encouraged by a wonderful congregation. Together, Fellowship Community Church proclaims that “Jesus Christ is Lord!”