The sponsored missions include:

The Children of Promise Program.

Children of Promise, Inc. (COP) is a child sponsorship ministry of the Church of God that ministers to children outside the United States. Currently, Children of Promise ministers in 27 countries in the world; the newest program is in Bangladesh. Sponsors from around the world give financial support to several program opportunities, including individual and specialized programming, to benefit children in need.

Children of Promise helps by providing nutrition, either hot meals at school or monthly food packages for the family; education fees, school supplies and uniforms, which enables many children to attend classes who otherwise would not be able to do so. The ministry of Children of Promise meets the health care needs of the children, from routine check-ups to intricate surgeries or therapies.  Their spiritual development, from salvation through discipleship, is also addressed through local congregations of the Church of God, which benefits not only the children but their families and communities as well.  The ministry's vision encompasses the future of sponsored children:   Across the globe, the Children of Promise child sponsorship ministry will develop adults who will lead lives characterized by Christ-centered living; appreciation for, and pursuit of, life-long learning; physical and emotional health; leadership and exemplary service in the Church of God and in their communities; and, commitment to leading and providing for their families.

For more information visit www.echildrenofpromise.org or “Children of Promise-Church of God Anderson” on FaceBook.  You may call the national ministry toll-free at 800.848.2464 ext. 2190.

Gary and Gwen Bistritan

(former missionaries on Guam)

The Bistritan's are on the island of Yap, Micronesia, are administrators of a new biblically based ACE school, kindergarten to grade 12. Opportunities also include Leadership Seminars with the Governor and local government leaders and a community Sports Ministry.



Tim and Josie Vickey

Tim and Josie Vickey have followed in the footsteps of Tammie Tregellas, who retired in 2014.  Inspired as a child in church, Tammie was called to ministry in Africa as a young adult . She has served in Kenya, Zambia and now in Malawi, training Ministers and Church leaders in Southern Africa.

She followed God’s call, moving from Zambia to Malawi in 2008.  The local people had longed and prayed for years for a national headquarters for the Church of God congregations in Africa.  This prayer was answered in July 2012. Volunteers from North America were blessed to work on the project.  A large training center now houses the national headquarters/training center and a worship center.   A vocational training school is now a goal for the Ministry Center.  Future plans include another building to house a kitchen, office, library, western style restrooms, 2 dorms and vocational training. Tammie shares that God offered hope and changed circumstances.

New churches have emerged. Recently 27 people walked almost 3 miles to the river for baptism!  Seven more were baptized at the dedication of the new building in the baptistry. God offered hope. The people responded.

Children of Promise ministry began in 2009 in Malawi.  There are now 50 children sponsored.  One child especially was ministered to with a wheelchair and medical and further developmental care.  God offered hope and changed circumstances for her and her family.

Daily challenges and joys in Malawi continue.  Tim and Josie and the Malawi Church of God “family” continue to hope in God and wait for his response to their circumstances.  Join FCC in supporting the Malawi Mission ministry with prayer and financial support through our Faith Promise program. 

Costa Rica

Through the leadership of several missionaries, including Keith Plank of FCC and wife Gloria, now with the Lord in her heavenly home, Costa Rica has developed a number of churches, led by nationals. “Discipling and mentoring young leaders is a high priority as churches work to reach their neighbors for Christ. Planting new Churches requires a start-up budget to cover salary, travel and other expenses including pastoral training scholarships. The Costa Rican church at large is now supporting leaders sent to begin the Church of God in Nicaragua.” (CHOG)

Special needs or projects are always in need of prayer and support. CHOG’s Project Link is a funding program for special projects.