The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is also guided by the Vision 2020 Plan.

Vision: To further God’s Great Commission on earth.”

Mission: Fellowship Community Church shall display God’s love to all people, help people accept Jesus as Savior, and help Christians grow in their faith.

Ministry Plan: Objectives encompassing each Ministry Program, beginning in 2011, will be accomplished by 2020.

Bill Caldwell, Board Chairman

Bill’s career was focused in Community Service leadership positions in urban and inner cities with youth and various cultures, also specializing in staff development. Being a “people person” he enjoys working with all ages and populations. Being an avid reader and lover of books he loves the Bible most of all. Traveling to the Holy Land was a highlight in his life. Currently, Bill volunteers with 2 non-profit Boards, Lincoln World Day on the Mall, and the State Holocaust Commemoration.