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  • Worship Message - His Spiritual Direction

    His Spiritual Direction Early in His ministry, Jesus performed His first public miracle, which was changing water into wine during a wedding feast. That miracle was preceded by a very important statement by Jesus’ mother Mary, who was also at the wedding. When Mary learned of a problem at the feast - the problem of the wine having run out - she shared the situation with Jesus.

  • Worship Message - Do Whatever He Tells You

    Do Whatever He Tells You January 19, 2014 As we all know, things can go wrong at weddings. I remember one I officiated a few years ago. The wedding couple decided to use recorded music for their service.

  • Worship Message - Hebrews 11

    Hebrews 11 Every word in the Bible is important. Therefore, every chapter in the Bible is critical. As stated in the Bible, “All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that every person of God may be complete, equipped for every good work.” However, there are some Bible experts who have highlighted a few chapters as being great.

  • Worship Message - In the Beginning, God Created

    Genesis 1 In the beginning, God created. Thus starts the Bible.  And thus starts today’s message, the first of several messages highlighting what is on a list I have seen of important chapters in the Bible. Let me be very quick to point out that every chapter of the Bible is important.  Every chapter of the Bible is to be impactful.  That is because every word in the Bible is inspired by God.  As stated in II Timothy 3, all scripture is inspired by God.  Every verse is p...

  • Worship Message-Patience

    Patience I recently read about a man who admits he does not have much patience. An example he gave was about something that happened near Chicago, where he lives. He was in a hurry one day - he was late for an appointment - when he approached a highway toll booth.

  • Worship Message-Confidence

    Confidence Today, most of the message is going to be a review of much of Psalm 139. We are going to review that Psalm, which was written by David in the Old Testament, for the purpose of reminding ourselves of the ability we have for confidence. Confidence we should have personally.

  • Worship Message - Discipline

    Discipline Let’s start today’s message with a survey. __________________________ Highly Disciplined -Slightly disciplined-Not disciplined at all You are, by the way, invited to just think about where you would place yourself along the line in each of the categories that will be mentioned. This is not true confession time if you score yourself low, or a time for bragging if you rate high in any or all of the categories.

  • Worship Message - Courage

    Courage Bill Hybels, well-known Christian pastor and author, writes that his father, who fought in World War II, often told some of his war stories. Son Bill was always interested in the stories. He was intrigued by the tales of courage.

  • Worship Message - The Bonanza Effect

    The Bonanza Effect June 9, 2013 Throughout May, and extending through last Sunday, the morning messages concentrated on the topic of prayer. We looked at various aspects of prayer. Specifically, how often we should pray, which is always, and how we should pray, which is fervently and with belief that what we pray will be answered, and for what we should pray, which is for the salvation of others, for our own physical and spiritual needs, and that we as a congregation will have unity, harmony, an...

  • Worship Message - For Whom We Should Pray

    For Whom Should We Pray?  This month of May began, on the 2nd, with the National Day of Prayer. On that day, the theme was Pray for America. With the key verse being Matthew 12:21, the call was to pray that we will, as a nation, put our hope in God.

  • Worship Message - How Should We Pray?

    May 2 was this year’s National Day of Prayer for our country. With the theme of Pray for America, and with the key verse being Matthew 12:21, the challenge was to pray that we would as a nation put our hope in God. But here at Fellowship Church, the one day is being expanded into a month as, each Sunday of May, we are talking about prayer.

  • Worship Message - How Often Should We Pray

    May 2 was the 2013 National Day of Prayer. It was the 62nd annual observance of the Day. A day of course set aside for prayer.

  • Worship Message - How Jesus Loved

    During this season of Lent, we have the theme of Extreme Love, which is based on two teachings of Jesus found in Matthew 22.  One teaching is to love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.  The other is to love your neighbor as yourself. Those two teachings are critical to living the life of a Christian, so today, let’s spend some time thinking about what each of them mean.  My prayer is that as we continue to understand the teachings ...

  • Worship Message - Search and Rescue

    It was the afternoon of August 5, 2010.  In a 121-year-old copper and gold mine in the northern part of the South American nation of Chile, disaster struck.  There was a cave-in.  Immediately, 33 men were trapped 2300 feet - almost half a mile - underground.  They were trapped three miles from ramps that served as the entrance to the mine. Fortunately, the 33 men were trapped in a pocket of air.  Fortunately, there was a bit of food, water, and medicine in their are...