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  • Easter Through the Eyes…Easter 2015

    Happy Easter! What a wonderful day it is! Easter brings with it wonderful songs, including To Him Who Sits on the Throne, Christ the Lord is Risen Today, Christ Arose, Behold the Lamb, On A Morning Like This, and Easter Song.

  • Worship Message - Trials, Lent 2015 Message #6

    Trials Lent 2015 Message #6 The week before the death and resurrection of Jesus started out on a very high note. On what we know as Palm Sunday, Jesus entered the city of Jerusalem. Along the road Jesus traveled, thousands and thousands and thousands of people gathered.

  • Worship Message - From Sadness to Joy

    From Sadness to Joy Every Easter, I know there is great joy. The kind of joy expressed in songs of the day - songs like Christ Arose, Christ the Lord is Risen Today, For God So Loved the World. Such joy is most definitely called for because on the very first Easter morning, the one who came from Heaven - the one who had been born to be the Savior - the one who died so He could become the Savior - that one, on the third day after His death, was once again alive.